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Conexora integrates the most advanced technology to transmit data over audio using speakers and microphones  commonly available in all types of devices, creating endless possibilities and use cases in an Omni-Channel environment.

Interact with your customer while he is in-store, online at your e-commerce portal, on the go, or at home watching TV.


Audio to mobile device


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Black box to black box

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Proximity Marketing

Roll out proximity marketing campaigns, transmit Discount Coupons, detect Customer Presence, Synchronize Audiences in live events, optimize Digital Signage, In-Store Pick-Up.


Authentication and Payment

POS and mobile POS Payments,  ATM Cardless cash withdrawals, Peer-to-Peer payments, Ticketing and Access Control, Enhanced Customer Security through our state-of-the-art Multi-Factor Authentication.


Mobility / Connectivity

Toll and Massive Transportation Payments, Cashless Parking, Tele-Taxi Passenger Authentication


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