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Conexora provides cutting-edge technology solutions to help you reach, connect and engage with your business partners, providing an integrated and personalized experience to each one of them.



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If you are looking to promote new products or services, implement proximity marketing strategies, enable cashless payments, provide more secure authentication mechanisms for e-commerce transactions, or improve productivity and reduce operational costs associated with your telecommunications needs, Conexora offers a variety of technological solutions with unique value propositions:



data over audio

Our advanced near-ultrasonic data transmission technology enables fast, reliable and secure communication between devices. Our Data Over Audio solutions will allow you to implement highly efficient cashless payments, engage with your audiences via proximity marketing campaigns, provide card-less / keyless access to remote locations, and much more.



360 digital interaction

Reach, connect and engage with your relevant audiences, such as Employees, Customers, Students, etc., in the most effective way by providing them with a rewarding customer experience, on any of their preferred communication channels. From a standard phone call to social media interactions, our technology can do it all.



new revenue opportunities for the media industry

Strategically manage your content by optimizing the reach of your company among your audiences. Integrate big data analysis and social tracking to better understand and segment your audiences. Generate new revenue stream in your media company, using a pay-as-you-go alternative with micro-subscriptions strategies.  

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IntiCo is a Technology Company with wide expertise and focus on Omnichannel, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Communication Services.


A software for micropayments and micro-subscriptions with instant checkout making it easy for publishers to install, and effortless for consumers to sign-up and pay.


A software for the integral management of audience management, messaging, social networks for the media and communications industry.

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