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Digital Press

Optimize and distribute your content through all social networks and messaging apps

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Engage your social media audiences and make them the stars of your programs

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Fully engage with your social audience directly from your Radio Studio

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Social Media Publishing

Publishing platform: content analysis and management of audiences in social networks and messaging services

  • Multi-channel and Multi-platform distribution for live and scheduled broadcasts

  • Customizable configuration

  • Profile management system for safety and permissioning

  • Unlimited integration with social networks, at no additional cost

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Social Tracking

Benefit from the historic and online behavior of your audience

  • Automatic integration of social network data into your preferred analytics tool

  • Easy to customize and configure

  • Realtime data information

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media bots

Make the engagement with your audience a personal experience

  • Increase traffic to your website

  • Increase Video Playback

  • Expand the reach of your advertising campaigns

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Social Broadcasting

Easily integrate to your programming, social media and messaging services User Generated Content

  • Automated Content Moderation Process

  • Maximize  your audience’s engagement

  • Real time content sharing

  • Do it on the go: mobile mixing board

  • Social Content Curation

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Auto Response

Deliver customized content to your audience (text, images, gifts,...) just by asking them to use a hashtag or retweet a specific post.

  • Engaging social experiences

  • Integrate advertising formats / templates

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new revenue stream through micro payments

  • Capture new revenue streams through a Pay-as-you-go, micropayment strategy. Defend your ad revenues and monetize your hardly developed content.

  • Engage with your audience to offer them a paid for, add-free experience.

  • Unlock new revenues by putting your most demanded content behind a pay-as-you-go paywall.

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